Calendar Marketing Pieces

Calendar Spiral Binding
Calendars are a useful marketing piece to keep your name in front of customers all year round.

Calendars with Style

There are many options out there like pens, note pads, and magnets. These are great, but so many companies hand these out and most are thrown away. If you are spending marketing dollars, you want something to be utilized. What better than producing a calendar for your customers and prospects. And what better company to help produce your calendars than Finish Line Binderies.

Tent Calendars for desktop

Capabilities for Any Design Idea

Finish Line Binderies has multiple binding styles to make your calendar stand out and ensure they will keep the piece at their office. We can produce your project by using double wire or spiral wire. Both binding methods have the option to do split binding if requested.

Finish Line Binderies also has the capabilities to handle thumb notch punching and inserting of calendar hangers for wall calendars. Large format projects are no issues with Finish Line Binderies. We have the capabilities of going up to 36" on some binding styles.

Whether you're looking for a nice desk top easel calendar, a three month outlook calendar, or a planner calendar, Finish Line Binderies can service all of your needs.


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